My first Expert Dungeon

Group deepstrike
So a few days after my 60 ding I was invited to an Expert Dungeon by my guild. I had been shopping in the auction house and at the worldgear dealer to increase my hit enough. But I forgot Wisdom. As im blonde my wisdom isnt that high so I got booted even before entering.
Den Deep
Gentleman Denyus saved my ass with a rune and I was eligible! Yay!
Me and Yarissa was new to this and the others hadnt done all bosses in the dungeon “Return to deepstrike” I think(?) so it was a bit tense. I had some problems in the beginning as Im trying to change the way I use my keyboard and mouse but when I went back to my old bad habit I was ok again :):) And amazing tank Armiheos kept us safe. (click to enlargen pics, most of them are shrinked).
I have a bad habit of using arrows with my right hand and at the same time attack with my left hand lol. So i try to only use the mouse with right hand and wasd + attacks with left instead but it takes some time to re learn and this wasnt the place ;)

Expert Dungeon1
Anyho when i changed to my old bad habit It went a bit better tho we were wiped a couple of times and suddenly Jacqques told me I was going to heal.
HEAL!? In an expert dungeon? Hello, anybody home? But Jacqques looked like he had made his final decision. I died a little inside but agreed. I have only used that healing soul twice u know ;) And of course I had forgot how my addon Click box healer worked so I had to heal without it *doh*. Tho i got a lot of practise today thats for sure:):) As my friends are so awesomesauze i somehow kept them alive, or they kept themselves alive (I had to wake up someone from the dead once or twice but it went better than I thought it would :)
darkness of deepstrike
After some bosses I changed back again. Problem is I have only a melee soul and that doesnt work on all bosses so I have to buy another role and practise it now. Inquisitor I think they mentioned so thats my next goal. Or maybee Oracle?
Anywo I got amazingly wonderful loot and XP from this and my hit is now 383!! :D:D I aim for T1 raids of course, as soon as possible :)
Im so happy I was able to do this. It has strengthen my selfconfidence and I had loads of fun! Thanks for your patience and huggsss!!!!
Return to Deepstrike


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2 Responses to My first Expert Dungeon

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    Awesome :D Those dungeons are superhard. And that screenshot of you and Yarissa is so beautiful!

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