Ding – 60 and sloshed

5Hailol Lvl 60
I started my day in wonderful girly pink Hailol (you have to love it:):) visiting a puppet show. How cute <3 After that I had only a few milimeters to level so I killed some boars and “ding” leveled I did!
I didnt even kill all boars, I went immediately back to the bar in Hailol castle, slacker as I am ;);)
3lvl 60
There was a satyr that had a bit too much already… so we partied and slacked and slacked and…. But tonight the guild is going on a 10 man T1 Raid! So I have to shape up if i ever gonna have that hit rate. Not sure how to get there either D: Tho a nap after celebrating is never wrong ;)

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