The Guild IS the Game

There has been a lot of talk lately about “game hopping” and a lot of misunderstandings I think. Text is easy to misinterpret and especially difficult when u, as me, write a blog in your second language… I didnt understand fully until recently that my focus seems to be mainly about the guild and my friends. I tried ESO and it is a great game with fabulous graphic and great combat. I loved my assasin elf but I missed my guild so I quit after just a couple of weeks…I realised I could create a melee char in the Rift instead and be happier :)

It´s not wrong to “game jump”. Some people have interpreted my last comment in this subject that way but I only write about my own feelings regarding changing game. I just got a feeling there was a lot of frustration involved in this jumping but that might have been a misunderstanding.

I have nothing against people changing game everyday if they feel like it. But for me, everytime i change to another game I feel i take a risk. A risk to lose a bit of the community feeling with my guild and I miss out on valuable time together. And most mmos are so similar so I personally see no point in changing. Other things are more important for me. And I started play mmo in january so I havent had time to have a burn out yet :O)

The only time I felt like leaving Rift was actually when my guild split in 2 new guilds. That was when I got ESO and I felt really empty for a couple of weeks. Bonding is the key to get a great raid group working. And its rubbish to say “its only a game so personal feelings doesnt matter” because at least I am human with human feelings even when i play a game.

1 thing tho what is extra awesome with our guild is that we have a homepage with a forum where we can meet and chat even if we dont meet in game. A lof of people in the guild play several games and some of them dont play Rift at all. But still, for me there is so much to explore in the Rift so I wont change if i dont have to. Not now. Not when I havent tried Expert Dungeons, Raid T1 and upgrade 3.0 is to be implemented after summer.

BUT, if my guild suddenly decides to leave Rift (well most of them) and play another game, I probably follow them. Even if they decide to play a game I wouldnt choose myself. Because they are the game. We are having so much fun together and yes the game itself is great, but not so much that Ill stay if they leave <3

DS I love this pic (Moonshade Highlands).  (Click for larger)


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6 Responses to The Guild IS the Game

  1. Jaedia says:

    “And its rubbish to say “its only a game so personal feelings doesnt matter” because at least I am human with human feelings even when i play a game.” This. <3 Some people don't make the same kinda bonds in games as we seem to, and that's okay too, but it's not for me. I like making friends.

    It's why I love our style of guild so very much. No matter what we end up playing, zee forums are there.

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  4. Jyelle says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head…MMOs are about the guild or in game friends. We left WoW 3 years ago and it had nothing to do with the game at the time (course the age of the game did affect our choices when we came back to MMOs a year later, we chose to just start new in RIFT as we were not sure WoW would be around too much longer given it’s age and being past it’s prime)

    So here we are 3 years later…and I hear about a couple of people who want to leave RIFT for Wildstar…yea ok- have fun being by yourself! Or be prepared to lose all the attachments and relationships built up to that point. So Wildstar went live recently, lets just say the few players who were all hyped about it are already logging back into RIFT on a daily basis- mmm I wonder why! It’s about the people…and besides I’d take RIFT over Wildstar any day of the week.

    • Xannziee says:

      I do agree…. Wildstar is too hardcore for me too, except of course I have too much fun in The Rift with my friends and no pressure to sub (which I do anyway :):) And endgame is so much fun. I rather work on my toon than start level in new games over and over….@–>–>–

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