Skinflayer- poisonous


So It was time to pay a visit to the horrible creepy crawly menace Skinflayer again.

I killed her after a struggle with my mage at about level 58 so I thought with badass Cleric tis will be a walk in the park. As if! D: I died and died… thank good i have my own healer:

I tried again and again. I ate some food and tried again… (thank god I have leveled my survival…).
Impossible! I tried to analyse the situation and tried different approaches but ended up thinkin “I do need a tank, or a healer or whatever!”. As my mage has a tank pet he took all the damage and I could heal him while attacking Skinflayer, while running around like a headless chicken (as i always does). So I had to give up. And I felt stupid I couldnt do it as Skinflayer is lvl 58 as I was (ok elite but anyho). But she just sucked the living daylight out of me this time…

So I went on a rift hunt with my guild instead. A lot easier, more like a walk in the park :) <3

I got some achievements and we killed some bosses..
After that a friend asked me how I progressed and I had to admit i´d stuck on that bl-y Skinflayer *facepalms* Of course i got help to kill that thingie (well I didnt do much im afraid…he slashed her instantly. And not only once but twice, just to be sure she was properly killed :D:D
I still dont understand how that´s possible… >.> ). Thanks a million <3<3<3
After that I roamed my log and saw something i´d miss before:
Skinflayer is a group quest for 2 persons! *doh!* immediately i felt a little less worthless and a tiny bit proud I killed her myself last time wif mah mage:):)

Be safe and do read up on the quests properly and not like me…..

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