I know im Sheep

I had entered an IA today and member after member vanished and suddenly I was alone looking like this. (Maybee thats why they left?)
But I continued my struggle as I was about to level to 57 tho I couldnt use my abilities as a sheep, that was a problem. And as I was alone of course the IA boss emerged and I had to face him alone D:  (I wish I had taken pics but I was to stressed out, as sheeps are when they are about to be someones dinner, so I missed that)

Bravely I threw myself at him and when he attacked me the sheep disguise vanished and I was myself again. Thank god, otherwise I would have been dead quite fast :P Tho Boss died instead and I leveled. But leveling at this stage is slower than my commuting train irl even. So I take it easy cos if i dont I get bored. But I still needs XP so…

1 way to get XP is to attend the Unicorn event:

So i did that and jumped between shards but only met the boss once as he dont have much survivability obviously >:(  Im starting to suspect he is even suicidal the way he dies asap…to have a chanse to catch him I felt the need to buy a new mount and he is cute!:
Tho I might need to brush his teeth someday….:
After that I finished some quests and met this gorgeous bear in Ardent Domain sitting in a tree. Almost as cute bum as my panda:
ardent domain
I couldnt kill him of course <3


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4 Responses to I know im Sheep

  1. Khortish says:

    Never looked at the Panda mount up close. Pretty mean-looking thing! :P

  2. Miss Mojo says:

    WoW what a fierce mount!! congrats!!

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