Crushed by a walking mountain

I know we started our Friday Raid in Gilded Prophesy and that went well, but im not sure about the second place (it was Drowned Halls and then we moved on to the Sandy Raid Place according to Jaedia thank you!) Both Simcha and Jacqques was stylish as usual:
GP SimshaJacqques
This raid was even more fun than usual. And more traumatic than usual. I felt I sat in a roller coaster all evening. But I guess that is what its supposed to be when u are having a good time. 1 minute I was happy and felt really good and the next minute I was almost crying when I saw my friends laying dead all over and it was MY FAULT because I WAS “HEALER” omg >.<

Healer is definitely not a role for me. I felt really really stupid. Well I have only used this soul once before but still, Im lousy! :D But as the guild is so comforting and kind I had a good time anyhoo and I guess this is the only way to learn…. but a hard way for my friends… :´( Tho this is how the guild works, we give each other opportunities to practise our “skills” in groups so we can be better 1 day (I hope..). In the mean time people are chatting in mumble and text and it is very much fun to listen (bless your white socks my friends I lubs u :)
We had some new members with us and started off with this group:
Then some ppl left and we got some new people and suddenly I saw we had no healer (or maybee a chloro but 1 healer didnt seem enough at this point):
group no healer

So after being crushed by that walking mountain (pic above – click for bigger)  I didnt say anything i just changed to my healing role even if im lousy i thought better a lousy healer than no one lol (as if!)
But after a while I noticed we had 2 healers…
 As Spate is an excellent healer all was good but then HE changed and I was alone healing (*not entirely tho se edit down the page) and hell broke lose D:

But I hope my guild friends had as much fun as I had or rather even more when u saw me get chased and killed multiple times by that walking mountain :P I know I had a least.

Last boss was a dragon and as I had to hide behind a rock to be able to heal (not easy!) and it was chaotic I didnt get any pics. We do need to bring a person whos only purpose is to taking pics! Maybee that is me… ^^ Tho I think Jacqques tried to record a vid of the massacre, If he did ill update this blog wif it.
I was also happy to see Jaedia join us again and Im impressed by her pet:
Sorry im dead tired when i write this in the middle of the night so this is yet another messy blog posting. Feel free to correct me :):)

[Edit: As Jae says in her comment she was using chloro healing which I mentioned earlier I think someone did but as the icon is support it gets confusing. And I do tend to get confused myself when raiding as Its a lot of mechanics, a lot of stuff is happening and most places are new to me. AND im always tired after work, im actually a “morning person”. And i couldnt ask in Mumble cos my mic wasnt working this time :):) Lots of excuses:P Anyhoo im glad it wasnt just me healing during the last boss cos then we wouldnt have come far. And I understand we needed 3 healers as u obviously were talking about yorkshire pudding while fighting bosses :):) and thanks again Jae <3 end Edit]

Take care and stay alive (what im saying is, dont use me as healer ;)


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2 Responses to Crushed by a walking mountain

  1. Jaedia says:

    I love my pet, got him a couple of days ago.

    By the way, I was healing all night. No idea why it says I’m support but the role I was using is 61 chloro which IS a healing spec not support. :) The reason we were dying so much was because we were more interested in yorkshire puddings and such than knowing mechanics. Sooo… yeah. Mechanics are kinda important. Haha.

    • Xannziee says:

      Ye I know u were talking about Chloro in the beginning and it worked excellent most part of the raid. As u say it says support so its s bit confusing. And pudding can be more intereesting than mec :):)
      I died less than when I used mage ;)
      Tho my point was sometimes i guess some bosses require more healers, I think? And I felt I didnt do good with my damage either so we didnt lose much if I switched. I dunno but it was a place I want to go back to. And thanks for keeping even me alive :*)

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