Rift Hunting with Eternal Dawn

 So I have been working hard these last days to reach level 55 so I could follow the guild on Great Rift Hunts. I could only do normals otherswise and today when we were doing normal rift hunts I leveled to 55 just in time :):)  (Click pictures to see them bigger)
This is how the group looked like when we started but ppl were added along the way as they logged in.
I had bought 2 rift lures so I had the privilege to open the first Rift for the day, Anvonia and so I got my Torvan quest too :D
Next were a Shoran Rift and I dunno how Spate (or Armzi, I think the healers changed now and then) manage to heal me as I play the way I do… O.o
So that was it, the normal rifts. Now it was time for the Great Hunt Rifts and I knew I was going to die….
And so I did… still too squishy for 60 lvl Rifts but thank you all for having me and the trouble I caused. Armi and Lezza woke me up from the dead <3
It is extremely beautyful in The Rift. But lately I have had some kind of lag I never had before. Tis has been since the last big update. Not all the time and mostly when its chaotic of course. After 2 great hunts I decided to leave the party but I had no clue where I was so I had to ride all over Ashora as poor level 55, half dead, before i found a portal. Dont follow my example…

Thanks a million guild friends, u r best <3
Guild Eternal Dawn


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