Swimming around – Lake of Solace

When I reached about lvl 140 in fishing I seemed to get stuck and the bar didnt move so I realised I had to move on. Lake of solace was the next step obviously:

This guide is brilliant but as im blonde (even irl) I immediately got into some problems. I couldnt find a place to fish. I swam and swam, got attacked by monsters and found boats but no place to stand on. This lake is huge. So who do I call? The guild of course :´) And Spate, who is a gentleman but tries hard to hide it (actually he hides all the time as he is a rogue) felt sorry for me and summoned me to a rock close to freemarch where I could reach Lake of Solace water. It didnt take long before I reached 150 and the place is extremely beautyful, as you can see, so its worth visiting.

Next step is Moonshade Highlands and Im determined to reach level 375…some day….not today..


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