A Healer from Hell

Friday night is Rift Event night in the Guild and Tera suggested It was time for me to learn to heal in a dungeon D:

I have a healing soul in my Cleric but I have never even touched those buttons before so I anticipated a massacre. We started off in the lowest dungeon possible, The Realm of the fay and here is the brave group waiting for a painful death:
I was actually not worrying at all to heal in the Fay dungeon cos It was too simple but it was still a good start to try out my new abilities :) The last scene in Realm of the Fay is so beautyful in the snow, enlargen this screenshot (all pics are possible to click this time):
tho Tera (or was it Tani?) wasnt sure he had fun it seems(?) :O)

I guess after all we had fun so we moved on to Lanterns Hook where we ended up in that pool again and I died after 10 seconds as usual :O)

It was a bit more busy to heal the group this time and at the last boss i lost poor Armi but woke him up asap again so he wouldnt hold a grudge against me :S Here we are after last boss and tank Sim is super happy jumping cos i managed to keep her alive, barely…:
they were a bit shaky after that so when spate asked to join us and try out his physician rogue heal everyone jumped at that opportunity and I became “damage” again. Cant damage so much that way i guess…. :}

We ended up in the beautyful Runic Descent and Spate did a excellent job healing while Tera was tanking this time. Sorry pic quality, it was quite dark.
Tera was flirting as usual but only wif Sim. Even tho I was standing on his toes he didnt see me as usual! >:(
I think Sim hypnotised him with her burning eyes…. and that is cheating Sim! >:(
Next was a stronghold, Bloodfire stronghold and Deny was interested in joining this time.

Denyos joined us but his computer got toasted in the lava. So when we found him he had “link dead” over his head and Armiheos graced us with his presence instead. Sorry Deny, next time :)

While we were waiting for Deny, Spate got impatient, started to play around scaring the living daylight out of me as he always does:
Mature as I am I ignored him and went to bed.
So Spate started to flirt with his bank lady instead! That is rather upsetting, in the middle of a stronghold O.o
Tho eventually we got our bosses down and shiny stuff in our bags so today i have upgraded my focus. Thanks a million friends for all the fun I had, you are wonderful! Prepared to die for me and all. A girl cant ask for more I guess?  :`) <3<3<3


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2 Responses to A Healer from Hell

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    HIhihi :) lovely pics, and if ppl die, you blame them for not moving out of stuff etc :P Thats how I roll as a healer ^^,

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