Virtual Friends are not for Real

So this sunday it was time to enter Storm Legion with my cleric who got a ticket to Brevane. Wonderful! I love these zones <3 I hope this will be good. I feel a lot more like “me” with this role and iv also fixed a healing soul but I havent a clue how to use it…

Last time I entered SL was with my mage, not long ago. I feel a bit depressed and sad that i didnt do better with her. But I will still try to play her now and then especially when the guild needs it.
A lot of things happened the last week I struggled up to level 60 and the weeks after. I dunno how much of that influenced me and made me feel alienated towards my calling. My guild split up when I was at level 58… that was a big drawback. About the same time a close relative of mine died. That was the worst part of course.

The last problem was that a friend of mine in Rift suddenly disappeared and has been gone for quite a while now. This person had been a great support for me and we planned to do chronicles together. But some weeks after the guild split the person suddenly disappeared without a word. I cant help that I worry. Because when I had a similar situation last summer the reason was the worst ever :/

Tho i know people often disappear from games without a word, its common, so I try to think everything is ok. Though remember how easy it is to tell ppl u are going to go on a vacation or take a break (or even quit), so they dont have to worry….

Take care of each other <3


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8 Responses to Virtual Friends are not for Real

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    Hmm i hope ur friend is ok. Kind of scary to start thinking about reasons someone just vanishing if you have gone through death or serious illness related to friendship in games. But in most cases it is just a matter of not wanting to log on. If u were such good friends ingame it totally sucks to not get any sort of msg :/

  2. Jaedia says:

    Sorry to hear that. :( It does suck when people go missing. Have been a little worried about Dethro, myself.. not heard from him since the split, which sucks. I enjoyed his company.

    Have also experienced the worst, in the past. It’s awful. :(

  3. Sunny says:

    Same thing happened to me – I was really close with another player and all of a sudden up and disappeared on me. I didn’t understand at all. I had a contact email, nothing….my sister said maybe the person got a girlfriend or a different job or it could be anything. But considering I play at all times of day and night I was really hurt and took it personal.
    Thats why I’m so cautious about making friends in games. I don’t understand the lack of commen courtasy, but I’m an old lady so who knows.

    • Xannziee says:

      Ye I agree totally. Its really bad behaviour to do such a thing if done deliberately. But sometimes people get sick or even dies… Its common courtesy to tell ppl if u have to quit for a while so friends dont have to worry. Sorry to say I myself feel pretty sure something bad has happened to my friend….S/he wouldnt just quit like this, I cant believe that. I still miss this person even tho we werent that close, but close enough. Im sorry this had to happen to you too :(

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