Level 50 one more time

lvl 50
So my guild took me and Rumbelle to a dungeon, King´s Breach, yesterday to torment us until we leveled up and level I did! To lvl 50 with my cleric!! :D We survived due to awesome support from the group:
group50King´s Breach
I threw myself at the monsters as usual so poor Jacques had a hard time keeping me alive. Im mostly only a heartbeat from death:):)
The days facepalm moment: I was eager and threw myself at a monster on a platform. I missed the monster and threw myself OFF the platform instead and had to run back up the stairs with burning red cheeks :O)

Thank you all, this was a blast (as usual)! <3


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4 Responses to Level 50 one more time

  1. Khortish says:

    Grats on the level up! Just a few more to go!

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