Trion says I have low morale

Fail raid2014-05-11_164444
Trion may not have read my blog the other day when i praised them like a good fangirl because the next day they called me names! I was participating in an Instant Adventure and we had tons of fun but it was also a struggle to survive. Suddenly in the middle of killing stuff the whole raid group was dissolved by big boys Trion who told us we had “low morale and our group has been disbanded” >:(
As I said; first they give us ladies small panties and boobie revealing shirts then they say we have no morale, booh them! After that I joined a new adventure and ended up in boring Stonefield killing trolls with 1 hit ;(
*giggles at Trion* :D:D:D
This pic is from the end of a boss fight we did just before getting “kicked” (click for big :)


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2 Responses to Trion says I have low morale

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    Haha funny post :) A nice first blog to read when I’ve just woken up! <3 for you!

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