From Lantern Hook to Lords Hall

My dearest lovely guildmates took me and Amai on a low level dungeon to help us level. It was tons of fun as usual with tank Armi and great healing so I could play around without dying (well not more than once at least and that was my own fault :O)
Extra specul fun this time was that Lezza (Ezza) our old guildmate from before the split had joined us again. Welcome Lezza!
After that dungeon i ended up in an invasion of some sort in Shimmersand and I lost my way as usual so I was running around like a chicken and didnt see at first that my guild wanted my cousin mage to join them for a higher level raid. Eventually I got to a safe place and could relogg.
This was the raid group in Lords Hall (Scarwood Reach):

Mage Xann was wanted for her Chloro “skills” which in fact are no skills, more a lot of random button pushing :O)
So poor Radly the tank had to die 1 time (look at Ade to my right she looks like shes gonna bash me in tha head  :O) but otherwise it wasnt that hard as we had maybee a bit too high level for this (54).
From Left Spate and the others are killing a dragon boss with Adefagia to right and I… hm… i dont do much… :O)
I dunno but its a lot more fun to run around with my cleric and bash monsters in the head than to cast spells on a distance :D:D But I will run my mage when the guild needs me and I just reset my Chloro soul again so I have some practising to do before I can manage it (at least manage 5% of it…). I know i was a fail today and its not easier when i have to focus on taking pics too in the middle of the mess :):) But fun it is and my guild seem to be able to pull it of anyhoo.
After this the others aimed for an expert dungeon and I went fishing. While fishing I was listening in on them while chatting on mumble –  exciting to listen to strategies and stuff actually :)
(Sorry the quality of the pics are not great it was too dark and I havent got Photoshop installed yet as I had to reset my computer the other day).

Thank you all for a wonderful evening and stay alive!


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2 Responses to From Lantern Hook to Lords Hall

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    Glad you got a group together. I was to tired today, had 3.5 hours of sleep so going to bed :)

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