Bootylicious in the Rift

Look at mah b-tt! U cant miss it… The other day I was killing mobs in Iron Pine Peak and I got myself some great armor pants. So I changed asap and continued to kill mobs & close rifts. When I took a break I saw myself clearly for the first time since the change – no pants. Of course. Been there done that! D: Look at this:

What does that say about Trion? Wet geek dreams? Iv never seen a male warrior or cleric run around in his panties… But I would appreciate that. Tho sorry boys, this time iv learnt my lesson, I have an extra wardrobe slot for occasions like this.  :}

And this is the front, not very much covered either but at least better. And the combination of helmet and panties are a sight for gods….
[Edit: got a nice warm dress now so too late to go butt gazing]
so how do YOU prefer your females to look in game? :P


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11 Responses to Bootylicious in the Rift

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    Haha, ive had that top too! I like showing some skin!!

  2. melbrankin says:

    I just like choice. I like my female avatars to look their part – strong, resourceful, intelligent adventures – I really find pantie armour in mmo’s do the game a disservice. One of the things I cannot get use to in TERA is their amour choices for my female toons!

    Then again I made the biggest, strongest and most monsterous orc female in TESO I could so maybe I’m just odd hehe

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