A Decent performance in Runic Descent?

0GUILD DIM2014-05-04_200600
The evening started in the Guild Dim as usual as its wonderful just hang out in there thanks to all talented builders in the guild <3 (All pics are clickable in this posting). Jacques planned the evenings dungeons and was kind enough to do a low dungeon so I could tag along. And it was my alt defiants first dungeon!
I was a bit shaky in the beginning I admit that. Runic descent has some tricky parts… But Jacques was looking so gorgeous in his outfit so I got distracted and by his calm voice in mumble I got dead calm (almost). Tera “The Wall” as usual tanking, Yarissa our ranged killer and Sim, as u know —> HEALING expert! :D:D And its so fun to play this cleric!
Here we are (click pics for bigger size); Me, Jacques, Teragog, Simcha and Yarissa. Everyone except me are level 60 so that was so kind of you to babysit me:):)
as i said there is some tricky parts where some skilled people like Jacques and Tera had to run around like chickens without heads to avoid a painful death to solve the problem. Otherwise its quite standard with bosses who are not that bad and Simcha is an excellent healer! She can even heal when ppl in normal gear and leveled down stumble in an expert dungeon by mistake *giggles* :P Read on Simchas blog:  http://simchaandalts.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/not-quite-expert/

1 of the bosses looks like a tree and he is laying here, fallen for Teras charm im sure ;)
Here we are before leaving the dungeon. Thanks a million sweethearts for bringing me! *huggies*



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3 Responses to A Decent performance in Runic Descent?

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    Your tempting me to play :D Keep it up! Hopefully I get that good old “Iwannaplaynow” feeling!

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