Cold Feet…

I feel like a fail who changed my calling when I against all odds reached lvl 60. But I have had this feeling all along, I choosed the wrong calling as mage. As a matter of fact my first choise was a rogue when I started but I was so bad in the beginning so I wasted that at lvl 8 i think and changed to mage, on recommendation. But against my own feelings… So now im here with a 60 lvl mage I cant handle and I have started to level my “old” Cleric alt (Shaman lvl 40 now) instead and I LOVE IT!
0lvl 40 cleric2014-05-03_170106
So I feel like a fail and am sorry for my guild (yes i know my guild dont think that but I do :) and friends who may think im a loser acting like this (which i am). But remember, Rift is my first mmo. I hadnt a clue what was what when i started. Now I realise I like melee and I want to be in the middle where it happens. I dont play ranged very well. But maybee i will one day when i have more experience.

Another reason was maybee the guild split… I sort of lost focus when that happened and got tired of my mage as she got to 60 at that time and couldnt raid because of that. I lost some friends who I looked forward to play with and so I only had grinding my dailies left. Maybee I took my disappointment out on her? It was a lot of unfortunate circumstances who led to this I guess. Well now it is like it is anyho despite reason.

Ofc I will continue to play my mage when the guild needs more participants in dungeons or raids! I just reset my souls again, to suit groups more I hope. And you never know, I may change my mind again and find more joy playing mage. I love my guild and we are always having fun no matter what calling I have at the moment. But atm Im determined to level my Cleric cos I love this playstyle, it suits me. And maybee I have to start over as our Guild had to.

So bear with me please, i wish i could have done this differently but I cant and this is how it is right now. Im having so much fun and I must follow my heart <3
I end this rant with a lovely pic from this saturdays expert dungeon planning in the guild dimension and actually in our grape pond (a bit dark sorry but you can click it). From left Wolfkin, Simcha, me and laying nekkid (almost) in the grapes – guild leader Radly,  Jacques and lovely dwarf Aiga :) (The others was going Expert dungeon, not me ofc lol).


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5 Responses to Cold Feet…

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    Awww :) Remember, you game for you, not for us guildies.

    I allso had a change of heart from my cleric and started leveling a warrior :) When you are not to familiar with MMO’s it takes alot of time trying to figure out what kinda of player you are, are you ranged, are you a magician, a healer, someone who likes to support, or tank. Or vanish into the shadows, or perhaps yield a bigass sword and shuv it in someones face! I hope you figure it out :) but it is a part of the journey to find what suits you aswell :) Don’t worry about the rest of us, we want you to enjoy ur class ofc!! I shall now try my shaman too.

  2. tenderleaf says:

    You play games for enjoyment, no one will mind at all. My mage is stuck at 55 in some ways deliberately. I am playing alts… when I am on and the guild don’t mind. Also remember if you have the storm legion souls uou have a melee option mage I believe. You might not even need the souls but check it out you could still be in the thick of it :-)

  3. Xannziee says:

    @Missy & @Tender thanks a lot for your comforting worlds. I have s lot to discover about mmos. Entropia had no callings for example so Rift is my first experience of this. I will give myself time to digest it all :)

  4. Jaedia says:

    You have to play what you enjoy. :)

    I did the same thing in my first MMO, actually. I started a Warlock in WoW, levelled it up to 70 (the max level back then) and just.. hated it. So yeah, I rerolled. Levelled a Priest because I wanted to be “useful” and be able to heal, ‘cept I ended up rolling dps and loved it. And yep, I rerolled a few more times over the years. What you have to do sometimes. :)

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