Uruluuk the Wiper who got Wiped

This was the honorable group that gave me the honor to follow them on a raid to the horrible Boss man Uruluuk in Gilded Prophesy. This dungeon is located in Shimmersand and it was the first time for me. Atm I have a very complicated relation to my mage and havent played wif her in more than a week. Add to that im dead tired after a week of extreme amounts of pollen and u have a tired and grumpy Xann.
But my awesomesauze guild woke me up everytime i died and comforted me like a baby even tho i tried to run away and sulk. And after a while i got more used to the situation and it was loads of fun as usual with the guild. Uruluk wiped us (especially me!) a couple of times but in the end he was toast:
(Sorry for the pics, the light was a strange greenish colour and quite dark). Raidleader was Jacques with Teragog and Spate as assistants.
Awesome healers was Simcha and Armiheos. Tipi and Tina was damage along with Yarissa. I dunno what I did but at least i managed to get in the way at least so ppl have someone to stumble upon :O)
Armiheos and Jacques
Afterwards all girls admired Spate on his handsome (hmm…?) mount and it seem Tera got a bit jelous so he started to flex:
While we got distracted by Tera, Spate took his chance:
Click for bigger pic so u can read the chat…. (Dame Simcha to left)
Watch out for rogues! They are sneaky so dont wear a skirt and/or keep your knees together D:


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6 Responses to Uruluuk the Wiper who got Wiped

  1. Simcha says:

    I’m dead there… my rep as an UBER healer is destroyed! :o

    Was a fun raid though!!! :D

  2. Miss Mojo says:

    lol at spates comment. Aww Tera got jealous and needed some attention<3

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