ESO gave me Rift back

My little elf emerged the day after my first char was created in ESO. She is a Nightblade and a wood elf. Makeup isnt her thing, but she tries…. :):) It was a 2 or 3 days since i played ESO or any game for that matter when i write this wednesday evening. My RL has acted up lately so these pics are “old” :)

0Woodelf_20140426_154816 kopiera
My little elf woke up on a ship that had found her at sea in clothes more like rags …

My first char in ESO was a Dragonknight and I had some trouble with her, maybee cos I let her have a shield. (I may give her another chance with more weapons later on :)

Tho I kind of like this 1 more, I immediately felt more “at home” with her and the playstyle. Maybee cos she survived ;)

But actually Nightblade (or Rogue) was what I had in mind when i started this game. I wanted something completely different from my mage in The Rift and she is feisty!
0XannzPNG_20140427_235256I like the environment a lot more here than my Dragonknights desert home…Thats kind of important for me… silly I guess. (Click for bigger pic above). And the story is great too.
Xannz cook_20140427_175456
She looks kind of sweet when she tries to cook but obviously she has a lot to learn still… The leveling is not as fast as Rift because when u have died 2-3 of times your equipment needs mending and you have to find a merchant. But that´s ok in my opinion. Why hurry?

I like the interface too even tho I know a lot of ppl dont agree. I like the fact I can have my buttons hidden until I need to use them (optional) as I get a cleaner view :) And only 5 attacks – that is a relief after my Rift mages endless bars :P The game is perfect for soloing but its not always easy to play alone (not for me anyho) so lets see, Im afraid i will get stuck any day. I already have given up some quests like “killing Norian in the inner of Tamselwil” and some more. When I get 3 or more enemies higher lvl than me im toast.  Though im level 7 now *yay* and I will try to play it for a month as I got it as B-day gift…  :)

Question is, how will ESO handle the social element? Grouping, guilds? Skyrim was a mega success as offline game but maybee its not that easy to transfer it to a mmo where social contacts and guilds plays a huge part for making ppl stay in a game… Time will tell.

Anyho, ppl say ESO has the best pvp ever in a mmo and I believe that is true.. 

Most important is what Eso has taught me; melee is fun! Its fun to move and I like this playstyle even if im not that good at it yet. So I decided to start working on my little Cleric lady in Rift as Rift is my home <3

So Iv spent some ridicilous diamond money to change her name so ppl wont be confused when i log in next time :) So all of a sudden its more fun to play Rift again! Thanks to ESO! *yay*!!! ESO is great fun but Rift is da sh-t u know and I cant live without mah guild :D:D

Hasta la vista baby!


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10 Responses to ESO gave me Rift back

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    omg that 3rd screenshot, is da sh*t! LUUV IT! And yea melee can be fun :D Hope you enjoy Rift cleric melee pewpew <3

  2. Can’t deny ESO is a pretty game with those screenshots but if it doesn’t grab your guild as well, that would make it problematic. :) Have you logged back in since this post?

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