Endgame Blues

Ye I did a couple of chronicles and it was this fun the first time in Sanctum (my own home dimension in the background, Shoreward island). Until I heard they are my DAILIES! D: uhh… So I thought id go shopping for some gear instead: 0Xann Maid2014-04-26_091058
I found this maid outfit in the shop! Oh how nice to participate in a warfront in this gear :D:D If I was in to pvp I would love to wear this. But it was quite pricy so I settled for some exploring instead. Aiga helped me to find the portal to Ember Island. An amazingly beautyful island O.o 0Ember Iland_2014-04-26_095930
I hope ill soon find a way to handle my endgame blues (i know its common to get these feelings). But I sort of havent found any routines yet and im not sure how to approach it. I also lost some friends when the guild split and miss them… But im sure it will pass cos I do love this game and my friends/guild here so much I dont wanna lose them <3 Do you have any tip how to get out of this plz share :)


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8 Responses to Endgame Blues

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    Havent found any routines either, im just taking it day by day, and staying the heck away from dailys, they suck the fun out of the universe :P

  2. Teragog says:

    Refused to do dailies since the WoW grind. What I tend to do now is look in the store at the reputation required items, Then go and complete all the quests in that area that gives that rep. I Have yet to reach any rep needed, But the steady plodding through quests, Actually following the story is nice, instead of trying to get through them as quickly as possible on the race upto 60. Chronicles are also another fun way to spend time, Not the Hero Risers Single player one, but the duet ones. Some are quite challenging till you learn the fights, but not so hard as to bore you with wiping on them constantly.

    • Xannziee says:

      Thanks a lot for your advice Tera. Im sure a lot of ppl can benefit from this instead of ending up dead in “dailies-hell” :):) problem is just to find someone in similar “level” to chronicle with… :\

  3. Teragog says:

    Just ask in guild, usually someone that will jump at the chance. Problem with our guild is that too many of us feel that we are imposing on the rest if we ask for a hand. Where in reality, people are hanging around, pottering in their dims. And just waiting for that call for something else to do!

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