Chasing men in #TESOnline

0Innt_20140426_112319 kopiera
 So I am level 3 or 4 now (I actually dont remember) in ESO and it has been quiet an ordeal so far. A lot of new stuff to learn and I have been dying a lot of course. And I cant jump off cliffs as in Rift without hurting myself or even die! I have to run around like a maniac. When I die my armor gets damaged so I have to spend money on repairing it or try to find new armor if possible. And its not cheap…  I know i have to loot chests and stuff but I tend to forget and that doesnt make life easier either….

The wolves are not a piece of a cake to kill as some of them are loners but some starts to howl, calling the others and all of a sudden im surrounded by 4 angry wolves instead of 1 D:

My last mission was to free a prisoner out of some kind of dungeon. After a lot of trouble i found the dude and he was far too arrogant for my taste so I hesitated. Tho I got him out of there and of course he ran away. So i had to chase him to an Inn in the nearest town. Outside the inn was a jelous woman screaming at me that the guy was inside flirting around. And so he was hanging with another 1 ya. So now I kind of regret I ever bothered with that dude :O)

I dunno who this red eyed person in the pic is, just some random bar customer i guess :}

The quests in ESO are definitely different than in Rift so far. More drama! :}


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2 Responses to Chasing men in #TESOnline

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    hehe :) good stuff!

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