Xanni 2.0 – now in ESO

 Xannziee was born in ESO – Elderscrolls Online -today as Xanni. But can you guess which race and which alliance? I tried to get her look a bit “Xannziee” how did i succeed? :P

It was difficult in the beginning as Rift is the only mmo iv played so far with exception of Entropia which i played for a short while some years ago. First person is different too but i like it. Tho its a bit more of a challenge to kill monsters but im determined to practise to perfection (hmm..). Well ok practise then… And Iv talked to John Cleese already! Ossumsauze :D:D

So maybee ill have to continue blogging to follow myself in this bright new world too? Tho im sure ill play Rift more than ESO but ill try this for a month at least and see how it goes :)

My guild has a gathering in Rift later this evening ill try NOT to miss that!

Stay alive?


About Xannziee

MMO addict
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