I just got this as birthday present :D Tho will take ages to download and I havent a clue what fractions/alliance/race/role – u name it – to choose, so this will take a while…

Rift will always be my #no 1 as u see I have Rift as my desktop wallpaper <3


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6 Responses to Downloading….

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    Congrats :D U wanted that didnt u ^^,

    • Xannziee says:

      Yes I sort of wanted to try it tho i will not be able to play it im sure. But I got Landmark too!!!! :D:D

      • Miss Mojo says:

        Haha :D awesum :) Ofc u will get to play it! :)

        • Xannziee says:

          Lol i mean i will be so bad ill have to give up as im sure my son wont do all my dirty work and save mah ass all day long. Tho he did the last part of Rift chron. A Hero Raises for me, I couldnt manage that pile of scrap ;(

          • Miss Mojo says:

            Well just level as a dps and expect to die a few times :p im lvling as healer and i die ALOT. I have gone back and doing lower lvl quests to make it more fun.

          • Xannziee says:

            i expect to be more dead than alive :} thats why I havent started the game yet. I need to be mentally prepared first. Entropia removed all my dignity and im afraid this will be the same :]

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