So I left

The sky became dark when I left my guild. Yesterday when I came home from work i suddenly felt it was time. So I have only my beloved pet to watch over me now. It feels a bit like in the beginning when I started in The Rift. This pic illustrates my feelings perfectly (click for bigger). The guild has been my home in The Rift for a long time now and I have made a lot of friends. So thank you again all of you. Let this be a new beginning and let both guilds prosper.
I miss all of you but Im sure we will keep in touch one way or the other. Especially “The Ladies Club” where I count myself, Jaedia, Simcha, Miss Mojo and Tenderleaf. We are an item impossible to break. Lubs u girls <3


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7 Responses to So I left

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    /grouphug!! Im happy we have these blogs, gonna make it tons easier to keep in touch.And that image, i love it alltho I feel a bi sad when I look at it. Thats my interpitation of the image. Atleast fred+freddie will protect you against all the horrors in Rift. Don’t be afraid to /tell for help <3

    And go team Ladysclub <3

  2. Simcha says:

    I’m very glad to have met you Xann, and that we have became friends :D And will remain friends with you as long as you let me :) x

  3. Miss Mojo says:

    You left, and then…. u came home, to our new home ♡♥

    • Xannziee says:

      Ya well I think I made it pretty obvious in which direction I was going from start. I just needed some time to adjust (and be bitter and sour feeling sorry for myself a couple of days ;). For me it was quite an easy choise because it was my closest friends in the guild who left to start a new guild, and they had supported me from the beginning. Im sorry to say that most of them who stayed I didnt know very well, but im sure they are wonderful people and I wish them the best. I also take for granted that we all will group together in the future <3

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