Regrets and emotions

My lovely guild has split in 2. Last night it was officially confirmed. Everyone including me was emo about it and I said 1 (at least!) stupid thing i regret, so I have to excuse myself here. I said something like this “problem is some ppl live their lives in game and that might twist their minds” (I meant to say they took in game problems too serious and by that causing unecessary drama).
That was said out of bitterness and dissapointment and was totally egoistic and I regret it. Because there is not work for everyone, some ppl have handicaps and it is totally ok to spend a lot of time in a game with friends under those circumstances. I would too.

Tho there is another side of the coin too of course. People who spend a lot of time in game must also try to understand the other side, people who only log in to kill mobs when they have some time off real life. These 2 groups often have problems to understand each other but both are equally ok <3 And some of us are a mix between them :)

This said, Im so sorry my guild is no more. Well ok there is 2 of them and I dont know what to do. Which one to join? Im not sure I can choose between friends, maybee I have to move to another guild. If someone will take me… Time will tell. I cant decide right now.

Take care <3


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6 Responses to Regrets and emotions

  1. Simcha says:

    Aww I can understand how hard this had been for you :( I would love to remain friends with you no matter what… you are already on my friend list… and there is always the blog <3

  2. Miss Mojo says:

    We will allways have the blogs, but I hope you manage to choose a guild tho, would be ashame if this made you leave all ur friends. But if that happens, there are plenty of guilds that would be super lucky to have you and I doubt you would have any trouble finding one. Issue is just would you find one YOU liked.

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