Screenshot Contest – Great prices!

Guess who I met on a “frog walk” today? Hugo of course! When i least expected it. I took a rest in Tempest bay when I felt that cold feeling against my leg again ;) Anyhoo Hugo is an awesome person so I have to excuse his frog :):) Today he celebrated he got 375 in all his crafting skills!! Jeez! So we celebrated with a dance (without frog):
Due to his skills Hugo has also donated 40 exclusive meals to the guild as raiding boosts and some money too, to keep us going. <3 And if that wasnt enough, he has arranged a screenshot competition in the guild and donated handsome price money (very very generous!). And dont forget, only 1 week left! I´v cut this from our portal. Hugos own words:

“Screenshot contest 26/3 – 20/4 – 2014

Why wait? Lets start today. As most of you already know I’ve hurt my right hand and playing the game as much as I want is not possible atm.
So meanwhile I thought I’d arrange a contest between you Rift wolves where the task will be to catch the best visual scenes in this amazing game.

There will be 3 categories in this competition and each player (guildmember, acccount) can send in one screenshot in each. In each categorie there
will be rewards from the ”in-game” store. In categories with 10 or more participating screenshots there will be 3 rewards. In categories with less
than 10 screenshots there will be 2 rewards. One overall winner will also receive a reward.

The 3 categories are:

Landscape / Beautiful scene
Rift event / Dungeon / Raid


The overall winner will be able to chose things from the in-game shop worth 3000 credits.
The winner in each categorie gets rewards worth 2000 credits
Second prize in each categories will be rewarded with rewards worth 1500 credits
Third prize gets rewards for 1000 credits


1. Everyone competes with their main character in the Rift guild. Each player (guildmember, acccount) can send in one screenshot in each categorie.
2. The screenshot must be anonymous. Disable the nametag over your head or use ctrl+u to hide your ui.
3. Only unmodified screenshots are allowed with one exeption, in the categorie Fun its allowed (not mandatory) with ”text bubbles” and such.
4. When its time to vote everyone in the Rift guild are allowed to vote, even those who havn ‘t participated in the contest. One vote per main char and categorie.
5. The person behind each screenshot will be anonymous until the voting is done and the results are presented.
6. I’m not participating in the contest and atm I m the only judge when it comes to deciding if a picture is eligible to participate. You guys and girls decide who wins by voting.

Send in your screenshots (pref. .jpg) to: together with the name of your main char in RIFT[. Name yout screenshots like this: yourname-fun.jpg,
yourname-landscape.jpg etc. The voting process will be decided later on

I’ve also put up a very simple homesite for the competition where all the screenshots can be viewed. The adress is

Good Luck everyone!

Thanks a million Hugo! This will be so exciting.  xoxoxo

The last news is that our guild in The Rift will change name and website. Ill come back with more information about that. Welcome to apply as usual in the meantime. Feel free to contact us in world or via our old portal ( )


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14 Responses to Screenshot Contest – Great prices!

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    So its official, we will change site and name? Can the guild be renamed or do we have to start over?

  2. Pingback: Rumor has it – Rift. | Missy Mojo

  3. tenderleaf says:

    Oh my lots has been happening I have only been away a day! If there is any website I need to join or info I need to know pls email me so I can sort it. cheers my dears. Stay safe all :-)

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