The Dog Trick or the Frog Trick

 I got a frog under mah skirt yesterday and I suspect foul play >.> … but i dunno? Before this frog drama It all started with the guilds friday raid in River of Souls, a dark place indeed. I had read up on it and scared myself to death even before entering as usual. This was the group but i think some ppl were added after i took this pic:
we started with The Dark Focis and it went well due to the groups experienced leader Jacques and all awesome 60+ members saving our butts :):)
0SHining in the darkness2014-04-11
Then we went on to Warmaster Galenir who was a bit more of a challenge but we did him in eventually with not too much fuss. I was “healer” this time but not alone healing thank god :}
0Alfwaer no more2014-04-11_230322
Then our brave leader decided it was time for Herald Gaurath, the Dragon (guide: ) I had read up on that and felt a cold wind sweaping around me. But before that we decide we´d had a break so no one realised that i fainted of fear, they thought i was resting so Hugobert (Hugo) who is a gentleman (hmm?) set up a tent for me, cosy and warm.
Jaedia watched outside but she must have fallen asleep cos suddenly It started to feel way to hot:
Spate seemed to think i was freezing and used his cutting torches on me D: That must have woken up someones pet who suddenly decided the break was over and on his own initiative launched himself at Herald Gaurath who woke up in a very very bad mode and started to behave like a cutting torch x 10 and suddenly we all ran around like chickens without a head.
I was on the floor laughing my butt off when I saw that 2 ppl was dead and I had to run back, as i felt responsible as a “Healer”. So I woke up 1 of them and i think Radly woke up the other. After that I got confused and ran straight into all the monsters and got the mob after me. Bravely I ran straight into my guild hoping they would rescue me and they did :} *sorry* giggles.
Tired I sat down and it was then i felt something cold on my legs – A HUGE FROG! It was Hugos frog who decided to pay me a visit under my skirt. IRL we talk about “The Dog Trick” but in the rift maybee rather “The Frog Trick”?
 Eventually we decided to let poor Herald Gaurath live for some days more but we promise to come back and visit soon :):)

*Huggs and kisses lovely guild u make my day*


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2 Responses to The Dog Trick or the Frog Trick

  1. tenderleaf says:

    I love it I wish I could have been there to see it all… when I get back it will be time to get to 60.

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