My Brave Guild

 Yesterday it was Rift Hunt time again. We started off with some normals (very kind of you to get us newb along <3 )

But then the real stuff began, lvl 60 rifts. I didnt participate much because I wasnt particularly useful as im only lvl 55 but I got some amazing pictures! As this 1 above from The Great Hunt Digali with “The Wall” Teragog tanking the monster. I got killed 1 second after i took this picture (click to enlargen) No one said a war correspondents life is easy peasy :}


0Bloodfire Behemoth Ashora_2014-04-09_224751
Next was Ashora and the horrible “Ashora man” or Bloodfire Behemoth – dunno what he was called but it took a while to kill him. As usual I was “war photographer” (click for larger pics). But it was totally amazing to see this. Beautyful and exciting at the same time. I only died twice, so the healing was great. Im so impressed by you all! O.o
Bestest regards from your own War correspondent, Xan.


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5 Responses to My Brave Guild

  1. tenderleaf says:

    Your pics are so awesome. I think I will have to bind some keys so I can minimize quick and bind my print screen keys as it takes afes for me to take pics.

  2. Miss Mojo says:

    First pic is epic.

  3. Xannziee says:

    @Tenderleaf thanks a lot but pure luck as usual :) And very good idea! I want a key binding too! :D
    @Miss Mojo; graphic is quite good in The Rift so nice to take pics, thank you <3

  4. Tanivia says:

    Tera is looking very heroic in the first picture :D Ashora man looks evil.. and cool. Nice pics, can’t wait to be able to join you guys.. someday :D

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