Level 55

 So I got to level 55 today! It´s a bit too late now so this will have to be short, work tomorrow. But level 55 is a bit epic for me, not as level 60 but only 5 left!!! I started work a bit later this morning so I logged in, eager to find someone to play with. I was hoping for Tenderleaf who is often online early but no one on (only awesomesauze Dethro but I didnt dare ask him of course :O) *sob* so I had to wait til evening. But done now! And tomorrow is raid day. Im not sure I dare enter The River of Souls even with my guild (if they allow me). There are many obtacles and if i do something wrong i might wipe the raid >.< hu hu.

Take care and stay alive <3


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4 Responses to Level 55

  1. Simcha says:

    Tomorrow is not raid day, just hunt rifts.. around level 50 so you can do that easily :D and well done!

  2. tenderleaf says:

    Ahh sorry about that, I considered it but had to get daughter up- re enter the zombie! as she was going to see captain america with hubby while I had the joys of collecting my blood results. I think I have had a day of no rift, not good. I now have to catch up to you.

  3. Miss Mojo says:

    Grats on 55:)

  4. Xannziee says:

    @Simcha; Thank youu! I mix things up, prolly because Im sceered of the horrible River of Souls I only see that D:
    @Tenderleaf; No worries you will cos I cant play much coming days as I work full time and evenings seems fully booked too :/
    @Miss mojo; Thank youu!!

    Huggiessss!! xoxo

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