Pug Dungeons and Bloodfire Stronghold

 Yesterday the dungeon groups were full so I missed the guild and qued for a dungeon myself instead. In fact I got into 2 dungeons quite fast, first Kings Breach then The Iron Tomb. Both with very nice ppl and went quite smooth tho I managed to die too much in the first run (not only me) so I had an opportunity to use my healing chick :D:D

After that I was still full of energy and snooping around in The Bloodfire Stronghold Dungeon right outside Sanctum. I was amazed by the buildings and took some pictures when Jacques asked me if i wanted to join them in exactly that particularly dungeon :):) Too good to be true!
0_Bloodfire stronghold2014-04-06_224509
Tho at that time after some hours in The Rift and 2 dungeons later my computer started to act up. I had some problems with freezing screen and got a bit shaky.
But of course that wasnt necessary with that group i could aswell slept through the whole thing <3 :):)
But then my trouble started. Computer suddenly got black and a buzzing sound in my headset.
I tried to restart it but It only held 1 minute before crashing again. Old lady needed a rest so I had to give up for the evening and I only managed to loot 1 boss ;( But im immensly thankful for Jaques and the others let me tag along *hugggies* Sorry I didnt get more pics but PMS computer didnt allow me. Next time I hope!

Stay alive :D




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4 Responses to Pug Dungeons and Bloodfire Stronghold

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    Hope you get ur PC fixed soon, it does not sound healthy :(

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