My Own Healing Chick!

Healing Chick_arrow
When I said the other day that “I need to take a step back and dont let the guild carry me around” I hadnt counted on my stubborn guild friends. They wont let me D: So forget soloing in pug raids and dungeons. They got so worried when I told them about my pug dungeons *you cant do that! tis not safe and pugs are not always nice* I felt like a teen trying to break up from parents :):) I have to go with the guild, Im fully aware of that now and Im thankful for that :`)

Tho I still had this problem of dying all the time and I wanted to contribute more so that had to be solved. When i died last time a guild friend, Dehtro, summoned a smexy healing chick (Summon Rescue Medic) so I asked him how do u pick up her? As he is a defiant he could only refer to Meridian so Hugobert helped me to find 1 in Sanctum. If you enter Sanctum house and first room to left you find Abstaffar The Mysterious. He sells Healers for 15K planarites and it takes 1 or 2 planar charge everytime you have to summon them. Sellers title is Aschended Powers. In Meridian you go to The Manufactory and then the room to the left “College of planar studies” and talk to Hallam Darad – Ascended Powers is his title too.

When the healer is summoned everyone in the party can use it (or mayee other people around i dunno?). I just love this feature. So now I feel I can at least contribute to the guild with some healing when I mess up the raids for them :D

Stay alive! And smoochies to my guild <3


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2 Responses to My Own Healing Chick!

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    “I felt like a teen trying to break up from parents” <–hehehe
    And thanks for the info about that medic!! I didnt know they were so easy to come by, i need to find one on defiant side now thanks :D

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