The White Wolves and Hammerknell

Yesterday I entered Hammerknell with my guild. I was at level 52 and the others had leveled down. I try to read up on stuff but Hamerknell is 10 bosses and I couldnt memorize them all. I was more prepared for the other option “River of souls” but Hamerknell it was and my knees felt like jello. We met 3 bosses and 2 of them was down quite fast, Murdantix and Matron Zamira. I switched between Necro and Chloro cos I need to practise my Chloro soul, tho im not good at it yet im aware of that. Last boss was Soulrender Zilas and he wiped the living daylight out of us. How many times? I dunno but I had a blast even tho I was dead most of the time.
He throws this rotating beam that means instant death if you get hit. Its possible to avoid but you have to run for it. I died and died til i got some advice then i survived longer at least ;) The problem was also The Escaped Magus that if he reached the platform and got time to cast his evil spell he wiped the whole raid too. And he did. So eventually we gave up but the guild will beat him eventually, you can be sure of that!

Tho this made me realise I have to take a step back. Im not good enough for this yet. I cant let the guild carry me through stuff like this and wake me up from the dead 24/7. As english is my second language I miss some instructions too as I dont always understand some accents and expressions fully :O) And in a raid a lot is going on and it takes time to grasp it all fully so after 1 hour my head was spinning, and I felt both inadequate and excited at the same time.

So time for soloing and doing dungeons the hard way for a while, without the guild :) Luckily im blessed with a healing friend who is excellent at what she does so when I play with her i feel safe. (She only failed once and that was because her mouse was corrupted and after replacing that she is fine again). When we enter dungeons together I know the healing at least wont be a problem.

Missy has a lovely blog and wonderful pics from Hamerknell here:



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6 Responses to The White Wolves and Hammerknell

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    You should continue joining us, even tho you felt you died alot. We all died alot :) Don’t worry about it. Half the reason we are doing those raids is to pracice :) Practice working as a team, and on different sets of mechanics. Don’t give up Xannxiee!! :D And great post:)

  2. Simcha says:

    Seriously, all of us want you there for your company. Nobody care how good or bad we played as long as we are having fun together. You did not died more than others honestly. If we wanted perfect runs, we would join a raiding guild. Fortunately, WW is not that, we are all about having fun together as a group :) We are only raiding at all because this allows more of us to come together… To check out stuff Rift have to offer and have fun together! So, do join in whenever you like, please don’t feel you mustn’t for whatever reason. You are NOT an hindrance. X

  3. Trinity says:

    Sounds like an awesome guild which I’m finding to be rare in Rift. I’m a level 60 cleric, you guys recruiting? ;)

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