Todays Friday! TGIF!

Friday content
To the guild; dont miss out on todays exciting adventure! Remember to add yourself in the Calendar (LINK) and we might have some kind of party too(?) :D:D
Usually we have extra activities on tuesdays and fridays and sometimes sundays. I would like to try out my chloro soul today but im not sure its (or rather I am…) ready yet…Tho I will try to take some more screenshots but I dont promise anyting. I might be too busy trying to survive :}
I also updated my About tab a little as I started this blog 30 of january, a lot of water has floated under the bridges since then:


About Xannziee

MMO addict
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7 Responses to Todays Friday! TGIF!

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    Yay xann is chloroing :) thats going to be fu . Hope u enjoy it, u can become my pockethealer :D excited for raidnight

  2. Simcha says:

    Be fine! Nobody mind if it is not perfect run :) in fact, some dying would be nice so we can say, ‘Man, that was challenging but we did it!!’ :D

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