You Only Live Twice

If so I had been out of this long ago ;( This was how it looked on my first Rift Hunt at level 50 with my precious guild <3 I got achievements while talking to the angel :D And not only once…
*This dream is for you so pay the price* thats what i did 4 times at least but I had loads of fun!! And 1 boss took 15 minutes to kill, at least D:

Tho im amazed by the healers that they could keep us alive at all, especially me as I dont have armor as a lvl 60…. Thank youu! <3
And big thanks to the rest of the guild and a special thanks to Yarissa, Jaques and Teragog who has mentored me a lot <3 Yarissa on that pic watching over me.  :`) U see, I wasnt dead all the time ;) Sorry to say I didnt take more pics cos I was so distracted by this my first Rift Hunt, total chaos and an amazing adventure.
I had my damage soul this time (Necromancer with a tad of chloro) but I will update my old Chloromancer and maybee try it out next time. Prepare to die! :D

HUGGS the guild <3


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7 Responses to You Only Live Twice

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    Go chloro gooo :D

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