Level 50 and The Storm Legion

The other day when I reached level 48 I got a message I could transport to Storm Legion. I was terrified but of course i did it. And omgosh how fast I started to level! So yesterday I reached level 50 :D:D *happy dance* A guild friend told me to go to Tempest Bay the big city in Brevane. You get the teleport in Sanctum close to the Portal. So i went and oh my how beautyful it is:
It was so stunning I totally lost it and of course I fell into the water asap with horse and all so I had to swim ashore :P Usually there are 10 ppl standing around laughing when i mess up like this but it was early morning (not working today as im going to take care of a sick relative) so I was alone in the harbour :O)
Ya im afraid this is the true me, what u see is what u get. I can try to look fancy on a horse but that is pure fake ;)

Stay alive! :D


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4 Responses to Level 50 and The Storm Legion

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    Grats on 50 =)

  2. Simcha says:

    Grats! That looks like a lovely swim though… might do that some day!

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