Rift Fashion

Is there such a thing? Depends what you make of your wardrobe and how lucky you are when you win new armor and robes ;) I will make this a blog challenge because im curious of how my friends look in “original” Rift outfit and in their preferred wardrobe outfit. So please take pictures and upload them in your blog or at flickr etc so we can have a look at you. Wonderful if I get to see your alts outfit too :D
After that i hope The White Wolves own fashion elite expert Meric will give his opinion and give us some fashion advice (Im sure some of us need that, looking at myself in the mirror…). So here goes my main toon Xannziee the mage in her prefered outfit followed by the original outfit by Rift:
And the original below (argh!):
0Xann ORiginal2014-03-29_171249
And her defiant cousin (alt) in her angelic look:
But she is a mean machine so her original outfit is more “her” i think… ;)  :

So now im curious, do you care how your toon look or is it totally irrelevant? You dont give a damn if you look like you are working on a circus like Xanns original? :D Give it to me!! :D:D 

Link your contribution in comments here or just give your opinion in words :)


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14 Responses to Rift Fashion

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    Love the headitem on last photo. And i think the hair onthe 3rd photo actually suits ur char better. Ill have too find an autfit now and post :D

    • Miss Mojo says:

      Oh its her cousin lol? Doh well still 3rd photo is ma fav:)

      • Xannziee says:

        I agree, but that hair is only available for Defiants. The other hair is so common i want to change that cos i cant see who is me in pics. Xanns hair seem to be very common in the guild at least lol Maybee she has to see a stylist… hope Meric, the fashion addict, will give a review too ;)

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  3. Miss Mojo says:

    Like it too tbh, I tried going to barber now, and ended up with same hair :P Ive responded to your challenge!!

    • Xannziee says:

      I went to the barber too but Its hard to change when u had the same hair for so long. I dont recognize myself when i change. Hmm may try it again later. Thanks for responding to the challenge! Maybee we should try to have a challenge each week? :)

  4. tenderleaf says:

    So I decided I prefer my new outfit its under a day in the life of Tenderleaf cant seem to link it for some reason. . Prob the pain killers addling my brain!

    [Helping you place the link here: http://pebbleinthemoonlight.wordpress.com/2014/04/06/a-day-in-the-life-of-tenderleaf/ Huggies! Xann ]

  5. tenderleaf says:

    Ty for adding the link it was eithrr as said above addled brain or my phone being defective. I even tried to get hubby to paste the link lol.

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