Dungeons and angry people


I had decided to enter a dungeon (Runic Descent) the other day but in the middle of joining my RL started acting up so I lost concentration and just clicked ready without noticing i joined as HEALER *major fail* >.<

It was an embarrasment and immediately i said to the party -sorry I cant do this I made a mistake. Of course a person got furious and called me stuff, but thats ok. My mistake. (Well i guess we all makes mistakes now and then, even this angry person ;)

Tho for me this is a game for fun and relaxation and I dont take things that serious but we are all different. I remember 1 dungeon where we had a rouge tank with not much experience and we died and died. In the end it became a giggle fest cos of this and we started guessing who was going to die first next time and after how many seconds. Nice when ppl have humour :):)

Yesterday I leveled to 45! *yay* and got help from the guild (by Teragog the perfect gentleman) to get to Shimmersand which is a stunning zone. Later that evening some of us entered a dungeon and oh my what a difference it is doing dungeons with the guild O.o Outside the guild it can be a mess but at the same time u learn a lot when its messy so I like it both ways.

Tho I collected a staff by mistake, ill try to give it to Fowl or Denna when they are online next time (sorry :).

Stay alive and see you in world I hope :)


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4 Responses to Dungeons and angry people

  1. Miss Mojo says:

    People react differently yeah. But I don’t understand why people have to rage from honest mistakes, I really don’t :/
    I enjoy to do dungeons with and without guild, I feel I learn so much more on my healers when going in alone cause its often a big mess and you learn to heal under bigger pressure then you would with guildies. That’s how Ive become a pretty desent healer. Same goes with my tank :) People pull like mad, and you have to run like crazy to pick up the loose ends! Tihi :)

  2. Jaedia says:

    Denna is meeeee. ^^ And I don’t need the staff, don’t worry hun.

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