Dungeons and new bloggers in the Guild

0Lantern Hook2014-03-22_224429
I got 2 awesome dungeon runs with the guild this sunday too <3 First was Fall of Lantern Hook and it started with a bath. I was in some sort of a pool and heard total war over my head so I started throwing damage and healing all over the place without seeing anything :O) Eventually it calmed down and I could crawl up from the pond :):) It was total chaos but totally fun too. Love you guild!!

Next was Deepstrike Mines which was a dark dungeon but I felt calm as Sir Radly and the others made me feel safe and secure. A good tank makes all the difference. As Teragog this saturday collected all the monsters like they were sheeps and we could just kill them. Im impressed. Tanking is totally scary and I wont ever try it myself D:

I need to take more pics from dungeons in the future but I totally forgot about it these first runs im afraid. Tho I suspect some of my fellow bloggers in the guild might have some pictures (Missys pics here). We have some great bloggers in the guild and ill list them here:

Missy Mojo
Pebble in the Moonlight
Jaedias Menagerie
Simchas Many Lifes

Take care and stay alive ;o


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2 Responses to Dungeons and new bloggers in the Guild

  1. missymojo says:

    Feel free to steal some photos from me :) Had good fun :D

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