The Wolf Pack


This saturday started in a very very gloomy way. A very close relative has been very sick for a while and this morning I got the message she had passed away. Two of her best friends since years back was with her so that was a good thing in all the bad. And I had said goodbye to her the day before as I felt it might be my last visit.

She was very old so it was expected. But you know how it is, it feels very very empty. Many years ago when i was a kid, about 2 years old, she saved my life so I had a lot to thank her for. I got a piece of apple in the wrong throat and was blue and suffocating, when she held me upside down shaking me til i dropped the apple piece.

So I logged in to Rift feeling empty with no goal, i just had to do something, when of course my lovely guild greeted me (as usual). Then it just went on that way :) I got clothes and armor from a wonderful lady and a another member “forced” me to enter a dungeon wif them. I have been a coward and as I had changed my roles several times didnt dare entering dungeons with my guild but this time I didnt have the stamina to say no.

So I joined and because of that I got so distracted in my struggle to stay alive so I felt my energy slowly increasing again. After the first dungeon (Runic Descent) we went to Kings Breach and as my guild is so awesomesauze we made it even tho I suck at support (my fav role) :) So I want to thank you my wonderful guild friends from the bottom of my heart. When I said i had so much fun, you didnt (couldnt) realise how much this meant to me. But you meant the world today. Tis common knowledge, a wolf pack takes care of its members in good and bad. You cant find a better guild <3



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2 Responses to The Wolf Pack

  1. Simcha says:

    Aww a lovely post :) I was sorry to hear of your relative, still, I agree that it is lovely that her closest friends were with her and that you had a chance to say goodbye <3. Glad you had fun at the dungeon :D Have a go with me sometimes soon! We can suck together :D x

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