King´s Breach Dungeon


This weekend my defiant cousin celebrated level 25 buying a new mount, a faster 1 so she can slaughter even more frogs in less time *sigh*. No I dont prefer this cleric even tho she is very efficient. Actually the mage is a lot more fun to play. But a lot harder. You have to be cunning and full of tricks to play it. And you cant just barge in, then u will be dead. Defiant cousin cleric can do that, bang bang Maxwells silver hammer and they are dead :D

So miss mage got her roles reset again and a brand new support role too. She entered a dungeon today with her old Chloro/Archon role and that was a bit shaky but ok as the others were skilled we all survived :) It was King´s Breach in Scarwood Reach. So after that i decided to reset that role and buy another 1 too. Its a lot easier to enter dungeons fast if you are support or healer than damage, thats for sure… So now miss mage has to train hard to be a good enough support. She has 4 roles atm, i love fiddling with roles but I always end up in a mess anyho ;)

Kings Breach dungeon:


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