Treasures and Pets

0hAPPY SEACAP2014-03-14_180440
 I havent been online that much lately as my RL has been very busy. Well its more or less busy all the time but atm I have a very sick relative who may not have much time left so my priorities are not here. Tho this is important as a sanctuary when I need to try to forget the real world for a while. Its like meditating. Hrmm.. on my dimension anyhoo (pic above) maybee not the monsters :O) So I was lucky the other day as u can see on the pic I won a pet of my own, a Happy Seacap :):) So cute!!!
And today when i was trying to kill bats in Gloamwood (I need lean steak for my survival crafting ;) I suddenly saw something glimmering on the mountain top. A treasure! :D It gave me goldcoins and a very nice robe! Ill continue explore the mountains to get my hands on these wonderful treasures. There is 1 in every zone.

Take care <3


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