Carnivals and parties

Did i forget to mention im a member of the best guild ever? I dont think so :) But its worth saying again, The White Wolves in Gelidra. Yesterday we had a party in our guild dimension (im dancing with Wolfkin in the pic I think. The little dwarf Radly with the big beard and the big ego (his own words and you can spot him in the video :)) is our great WW leader. I hope i got it right now :):) It was so nice to meet all those ppl. Some of them iv only met in the chat before :D And I found this video from our party on Youtube!:

Sorry to say I had to leave for RL before they went to the Carnival fun :(:( But Im hoping for more parties and get together soon. They are raiding and doing stuff all the time but im laying low atm cos iv reset all my souls due to im a mess so something needs to be done. Iv managed to fix 1 soul now at least but I have 2 empty soul slots to redo @_@ omgosh lots of work. So I need to work on myself for a while and try out my new stuff before I dare show myself in any group
My defiant cousin has attended the carnival too. She is only lvl 23 and is mostly gathering artifacts for Dreamweaving, making stuff to our island.
Today I have had a hassle with my computer which has been shutting down several times. I thought the drivers was updated but they werent so I did that now, hope it´s working! At the same time I discovered that I, of some reason, has had my settings unecessary low. So after this i hope my pics will be nicer too! :)

Happy weekend!


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