Carnivals and Clothes

Dont miss The Carnival of the Ascended link: if you are plaing Rift im sure you havent. Loads of fun!! And you dont have to party in your old rag either. You can easily find lots of ossum outfits in the shop for very little RL money.

And if you use the wardrobe its easy to switch to armor if you get a sudden urge to kill someone :D

Tho you might not feel like party if you have a bad hairday. If u, like me, did miss someting when  you created your “toon” you can visit the Stylist in some bigger city like Sanctum or Meridian. Some changes are not that expensive and some are but it might be worth it ;) You can also buy make up and new hair styles in the shop.

So you see there is no excuse not to party. I really felt like party today cos I had been stuck for some days with my mage in a difficult quest. Got killed all the time and was exhausted. Totally depressed. But today, on my back home from work, I suddenly got an idea how to solve it. So I logged in the moment i came home and DID IT! yay!! Mage is not the easiest role to play maybee but it depends a lot on wich role you choose for the task. My Stormcaller is totally fun to play on rifts and mobs but not so much alone. But my Necromancer/warlock is great solo. So there is a time and a place for each of them. My healing role Chloromancer is great in rifts too sometimes as it heals with aoe.

Level 39 today, have a happy weekend! :D


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