The Other Side


I followed a google+ friends advice the other day and created a Defiant. I admit I was curious about “the other side”. It´s actually quite different, very exciting to get the whole picture. And i like the tropical theme in some parts of Freemarch. Irl it´s winter atm and i have spent a lot of time in Iron Peak so I needed some vacation. I must say tho, this cleric lady is a lot easier to play than my “old” mage. She just jumps the enemy, bash them in the head and they are dead :D

It´s no stroll in the park to run the Stormcaller soul in Mage. As a matter of fact I dont find any of mages souls “easy”. Especially not to solo with. Sometimes when I play I get totally exhausted and starts to make even more mistakes than usual. Then i know tis time to log off for a while. I have also been dabbling with different roles and that f-ck up things for sure…But the mage a good choise if you are intelligent, used to mmo and need a challenge because they can be really great dps machines as damage and support in a group, if they are well run. And not by a blonde like me ;(

I also bought myself a Dimension “Xannziee Island” and the fun thing is that when my defiant got her first dimension I noticed it´s facing Shoreward island which is the original name of the dimension. Tho she is standing on Guardian soil (Xannzie Island) in the pic above as they have to share dimension for now at least. Ill try to keep them from killing each other in the mean time :):)


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2 Responses to The Other Side

  1. Toto says:

    I love how we both started a cleric :D Don’t forget to get the gifts in the mailbox. Super easy leveling!! :D

    • Xannziee says:

      Yes Cleric is easy to solo with compared to mage (depending on which build u start with). A healing cleric is easier in groups I guess(?)

      Some mage souls are ok for solo like necro if u have a pet. Tho cleric has a lot more armor and that shows fast when u as mage get several monsters on u at the same time. As mage u have to be cunning to survive and thats fun too :):)

      Yesh I try to remember the gifts
      Huggs :)

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