My new Role in The Rift

 I bought a new role the other day – 1 healer soul with 2 support so now I count as support. Click the pic to see it larger. I love that action pic :D

OMG how hard it is to learn a totally new role O.o But after dying several times and mess up major, I slowly start to get the hang of it. And I love it so far!! :D:D

I guess im not the warrior type (not yet but you never know…), I more like to fuzz around my fellow raid members, that seem to give me more satisfaction than only dealing damage to the enemies. Tho I miss my pet! Now I only have my little white bird and she doesnt do much more than keep me company and twitter to me when im lonely <3


Tho when I roam around alone in new areas or doing quests I change back to my Necromancer role. And im lvl 34 now – and *tada* my fishing skill is over 150 *jumps up and down* And Im a Scarlet Gorge Fisherman:):)


Finally I want to point you to a new, very promising rift blog, Journey into The Rift by Mizoryo; I know I will follow his adventures :)

Take care!


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2 Responses to My new Role in The Rift

  1. Mizoryu says:

    Congrats on getting over 150 fishing! mines only 30 or so… it takes so long!! Also, for the record, I’m a him :D:D

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