“Warrior” (actually mage ;) in a Bikini

 The snowlands in the Rift are beautyful beyond imagination. Iron Pine Peak. My breath is turning into ice even. So I had high hopes to get some nice outfit here if I managed to survive some of the quests or rifts at least. The monsters were higher level than me and went to attack 2 or 3 at the same time so I had to die several times before I could collect my awesome warm new robe (I never said I was an elite gamer). I was so excited when I changed clothes. Eventually I would have something warm to put on and a lot more armor in this outfit too. This is the result:
hmm… exactly what I was expecting *not* (she doesnt look thankful does she?) I believe the designer of the clothes must be a male…  With every change of outfit I seem to get less and less clothes. I wonder if the monsters will tip me if I use my wand to poledance for them? :}

I reached level 33 today but still feel (and act im sure) like a major noob. I was accepted as a member of the guild The White Wolves today. They have created a beautyful dimension too. This is truly an honour for me but almost immediately I got insecure if this was the right thing to do. I felt I should have been playing alone a couple of years before entering a guild and mess things up for other people too and not just for myself…

Take care and dont forget to put on some warm clothes, otherwise you will catch a cold ;)


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2 Responses to “Warrior” (actually mage ;) in a Bikini

  1. Mizoryu says:

    Hello! I absolutely adore your blog & you’ve inspired me to make one about my own personal experiences in the rift !I linked your blog from mine, so I could stay in touch easier!

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