What is there to do in The Rift?

I have seen this question a number of times in the forum and even  from people who are 50+ level. If you only level by instant adventures, dungeons and rifts u will level fast but you may miss something too. This world is huge. So I sort of slowed down and spend a lot of my time fishing and cooking nowadays. My cooking has saved my life in rifts many times :O)  I even have an icon that says “rested” :}

The pic above is from Gloomwood and this was around 14 of february when we all got the love bug as you can see. A very contagious virus indeed D:

Exloring is fun too. I found a treasure on the highest mountain in Silverwood. Its worth to have a look at. You get a hint to where on the pic below. These findings are some kind of achievement in the game and you always get gear appropriate to your level.


And there is adventure when you least expects it. I was picking flowers the other day and managed to step in to Defiants area. I wasnt aware of that until a defiant showed up and shot me down = doh *giggles*

My advice to everyone is dont be in such a hurry. Slow down and enjoy the game. There is a lot more to do than just leveling. Today I reached level 30, despite all fishing. I cant believe it O.o


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