Iron Tomb – The Rift

0Xann day 1_2014-01-28_204310

Ya I looked this scared when I entered my first mmo game 28 of january this year. I didnt have much defence and I broke a record in dying I think :O) It feels like ages ago tho I still feel like a newbie.

So I have a hard time believing I dared enter the Iron Tomb this weekend. When our little group of 5 ppl gathered outside the tomb and started running up the stairs I felt my heart pound. We had tried to conquer the Iron Tomb twice before and failed. Last time it felt impossible and my heart sank when thinkin about it. But we had to give it a go again so off we went. The first half of the Tomb is no big issue, the difficulties starts later. We came to the place where we failed last time and I was totally focused. I had 2 of the group members on Skype, a warrior and a cleric healer. As im a mage i stand just in front of the healer but not close to the monsters if I can avoid it. I had my tank pet the skeleton knight “Justin Timberlake” rezzed, all buffed up and ready. Still i got stressed when they started the fight. The enemies were closing in and suddenly the warrior screamed “back off!” so I and the healer started to move backwards as fast as we could but I thought it was too late. It felt as I was moving in syrup. Justin Timberlake were dead and the situation was chaotic.

The ghosts had locked the other so their buttons were all grey and the were defenseless. Soon they were dead. The healer were marvellous but she couldnt rescue them when they were locked up. With the smallest margin ever me and the healer saved ourselves thanks to the warrior. So we saw the ghosts withdraw and only the shadows of our group members roamed the tomb. We waited until they rezzed again then formed ourselves one last time for battle.

I wasnt nervous this time, i felt it was hopeless but I was concentrated. The tank attacked, we followed and gave it all we had. I called my army of living dead and the rotation felt smooth. Suddenly we were alone in the tomb. The ghosts were dead! It wasnt the last enemies but this was a major break through :D:D So we continued, the tomb felt endless with loads of monsters but we managed to get through all the way to the boss. By that time we were so focused and determined so he didnt stand a chanse. When he was dead we danced around a bit before going through the portal home again. I give all cred to the other members of  our team, bless you <3

The strange thing is that even if i clicked on everyting I think should be clicked, including the quests of course, I still have the Iron Tomb active in my quest log. I dont understand why (but im sure its my fault and i missed something) but I dont feel like doing it again for a while at least. Im sure everyone else thinks this is a faceroll but for me it was a major achievement :O) This is how my avie look now, a bit more equipped (sorry that menu bar is my useless bar. I know its a mess and iv cleaned it up now but didnt have the stamina to take another pic ;)

0Xanlvl 28_2014-02-10_103349


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