The Rift is such a beautyful place

 The Rift may be full of action but it´s also a place of tranquility and beauty. If you dont feel like roaming a dungeon or sealing rifts you can pick flowers, collect woods and craft instead. Or tend to your own dimension. There is something for everyone.

Today I leveled up to 25 and I dont know how i did it, pure luck I guess and managed to survive at least 1 dungeon :O) Well 2 if I count the 1 where we had a 60 lvl member…. Well i dont count that because that dungeon was so under her level. It was for about lvl 20-25 I think so it was a faceroll for her and the rest of us didnt have a chanse to contribute so we had to do the same dungeoun 1 more time properly. ;)


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