Rift – Mage fashion

I was participating in some IE (Instant adventures) the other day and got some
rewards. 1 of the bags contained a new robe (pic above) with a lot higher stats than
my old so of course i had to change it. I was a bit baffled because i
sort of expected some major armour outfit but got a sexy lingerie outfit
instead :O) I guess the plan is to paralyse Mr Gutter and his monstergang
with my sexy tighs then elekrocute them so they´ll die happy? A new role is
born – sexy bimbo mage? :}

Tho when I dressed up for a fight with all my impressive gear I ended up looking like this:

My hat looks like a santa claus hat and the shoulder pads are way too
big. Combined with sexy lingerie i guess the monsters will die laughing
before I even have time to attack them? I just have to show up. Neat. Im sure this is a deadly outfit in pvp too :O) Opponent will laugh so hard he will fall off his chair irl and before he even realise it he will be dead. :D


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2 Responses to Rift – Mage fashion

  1. Balyx says:

    lol, welcome to rift; the home of midriff exposing armour, and looking like you got dressed in the dark. It sounds like you are having fun though, and it is good to see the fashion disasters aren’t cramping your style ;)

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