My own dimension #The Rift

0_2014-02-03_sanguine shores homeWhen you reach level 10 you get a key to open your private “dimension”. It´s a place you can use as your home. Try new outfits, build (you see the arrows used for moving stuff in the picture) and even terraform. Make it public or private, your choise. You can also visit other public dimesions to get inspiration. You get a list in your dimension window. Some people in The Rift seem to focus mainly on building awesome dimensions. Look at this blog for example: 

I also bought some diamond money from the homepage to buy some horses. 1 for me and 2 of my friends got 1 too. I have yet another friend who recently started playing The Rift but im not yet sure if she will continue. If she does she might get a horse gift too ;)

Tho its easy to earn enough money in game to buy a horse of your own. But I wanted to buy some gifts to my little group so they can save the money for later.

We are only 3 (Mage, Cleric and Warrior) and have no official group yet. I guess we will eventually join a larger group when we find something nice.

0sanctum 2 feb lvl19
You know what, I started 28 of january and today im close to level 20. Omg I have to slow down! I entered Sanctum yesterday, a beautyful place (pic above).

I do love this game! Im looking forward to all adventures here and I havent had so much fun in ages :`) It is a truly beautyful world with exciting adventures where you have to cooperate with ppl around you to defeat the worst monsters. When there is major monster attacks ppl are rushing in from all around and help each other. Its so exciting I almost get a heart failure in some cases :D:D

The Rift link:


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